The Tray Whitening Process

If professional teeth whitening in the dental office is inconvenient for your schedule, tray whitening is an excellent alternative. At Natoli Dental, Dr. Joseph Natoli, and Dr. Vincent Scaringi, in Turnersville, NJ, offer cosmetic dentistry and professional teeth whitening treatments to brighten your smile.

How to Use Teeth Whitening Trays

Your dentists offer take-home teeth whitening trays that provide patients with all the benefits of professional teeth whitening with convenience. At-home whitening is safe and easy to use.

First, Clean Your Teeth- The first step is to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. That way, your teeth are spotless and can receive an even and consistent application of the whitening gel.

Prep the Trays- Next, fill the bleaching tray with the whitening gel but be sure not to overfill them. You want to keep in mind that you will insert your teeth into the tray, and you want to prevent excess bleaching agents from overflowing over the gums because it can lead to irritation. Your Turnersville, NJ, cosmetic dentistry experts will provide in-person instruction on how best to fill your trays at your initial consultation.

Wear Your Trays As Indicated- The dentist will give you clear and easy instructions on wearing your trays, and you should follow them implicitly. In many cases, the whitening trays are worn overnight, and when in place, you should not eat, drink, or smoke.

Rinse Your Mouth -When you remove the trays, you will want to rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove any traces of the whitening agent.

The Length of Treatment

Every patient has their unique course of treatment, and it is dependent on their specific needs. You may only need around four sessions with the trays to achieve your desired result.

One thing to know is that teeth whitening products cannot remove internal stains of the teeth and may not be able to improve all types of tooth discoloration. In addition, false teeth, such as crowns and veneers, are unaffected by the whitening process.

To achieve the best results, you will want to avoid smoking and intensely colored food or drinks for about six weeks.

If you are ready to learn more about at-home tray whitening, book an appointment at your Turnersville, NJ, cosmetic dentistry practice, Natoli Dental. You can reach Dr. Natoli and Dr. Scaringi by calling (856) 262-0600.

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